Government Employee Retention Credit

Have a small business with five (5) or more employees?

Been in business since at least 2020?

You could qualify for up to $26,000 per employee.


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Erc For Auto Dealers

Employee Retention Credit

ERC or Employee Retention Credit is a tax refund claimed by companies for increasing the wages of an employee before the start of the following…

Erc Opportunities

Employee Retention Credit Opportunities

One of the most important steps for any company is to establish and maintain a comprehensive employee retention program to ensure that new and current…

Employee Retention Credit

Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Updates

As noted previously, we’ve previously provided our customers with multiple updates and service bulletins to address ongoing issues. As an update, our ERC, which we…

Importance Of Erc

What Is The Importance of Employee Retention Credit (ERC)?

ERC is a tax benefit designed to help retain qualified employees. The ERC is designed as a gift. A qualified employee can receive ERC for…

Erc Faqs

Employee Retention Credit (ERC) FAQs

Employee Retention Credit is available to eligible small business employers who have been in operation and employ at least one full-time individual for a minimum…

New Erc Rules

New Employee Retention Credit Rules Beyond Family Ownership Issues

For the most part, family businesses come in two varieties, those where the employees are related to the owners and those where they aren’t. In…